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Media Rating Council

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Our Membership
MRC Standards
Accredited Services

History of MRC

The Media Rating Council (MRC) was established in the early 1960's at the behest of the U.S. Congress ...more

Mission Statement

The MRC Mission is to secure for the Industry and related users measurement services that are Valid, Reliable, and Effective ...more

Our Membership

MRC membership includes representation from broadcast TV and radio, cable television, print, advertising agencies, advertisers and Internet constituencies ...more

MRC Minimum Standards

The Minimum Standards for Media Rating Research became effective March 31, 1964 and have been maintained and updated by the MRC Board of Directors ...more

Accredited Services
The MRC Accredits measurement services that are relied on by buyers and sellers in the advertising industry.  To learn which services are Accredited and others that are presently under review click here