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Media Rating Council

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                             MRC Advertiser Member Benefits



Advertiser Members can learn of confidential audit findings through either direct participation in the MRC process or dialogue with Agency members.


    MRC Confidentiality regulations prevent Agencies from sharing audit finding with non-MRC members




Advertisers and their Agency partners who both participate in the MRC can work together to formulate buyer oriented strategies on important measurement issues.


   Formulate priorities for proposed research improvement initiatives


    Assess alternative measurement solutions (e.g. Zero Cell Model)


    Help guide more relevant solutions




Advertiser Members can request that their Agency partner represent their position in MRC meetings.


    Agency Members can be officially recognized as representing a specific Advertiser


    Agency Members can be a designated proxy on important voting matters




Advertiser Members may gain important insights on methods that are transported beyond traditional audience measurement research.


    Arbitron PPM device utilized in Project Apollo


    Telephone Center Operations employed for Custom Research




Advertisers obtain knowledge of audience measurement issues from an independent source.


    Enhance understanding of measurement limitations impacting media plan performance (e.g. Audience variability, Zero Cell)




Advertisers may be more willing to support improvement initiatives.


    A greater understanding of the issues may foster enhanced financial commitment