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Media Rating Council

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                                 The Benefits of MRC Membership



Members decide whether an audited Rating Service receives accreditation.


·   Members determine whether a rating service is accredited through their voting as an audit committee member and a member of the MRC Board of Directors.




Members have access to confidential information about Rating Service quality.


·   Members gain access to detailed audit reports monitoring the operations and true quality of MRC-participating rating services.  Audit reports contain extensive detail about operational processes and whether they are working – essentially the strengths and weaknesses of a rating service’s methodology.  These audit reports are confidential to within the member company (i.e., not to be made public to the media, etc.); they are funded by the rating service at significant cost, and they are extensive.  Audits are conducted in the Television, Radio, Print, Multi-media and Internet areas.  For one membership dues payment, the member organization can choose from among any of the audit committees for any of our audits where they have a business interest.


·   Members can choose to participate in periodic quality review meetings that the MRC organizes with each of the audited rating services.  These meetings review the quality deficiencies found at each rating service and the rating services’ action plans to address these issues.


·    Members have input into setting rating service directions to address quality deficiencies.  Members can use this knowledge not only in the research arena but in programming and sales efforts within each membership company.




Members have significant input into changes necessary to Rating Service methods.


·    Members have input into changes that the MRC requires rating services to make.  These changes can take two forms: (a) required changes to be in compliance with the MRC Minimum Standards, and (b) changes requested of rating services to address quality deficiencies.




Members set industry standards.


·    Members have input into changes in the Minimum Standards for Media Rating Research, which are promulgated by the MRC.  Accredited rating services must comply with these Standards.




Members are exposed to other members’ ideas and thoughts.


·    Members interact with other members through MRC meetings.   The MRC member list includes TV and Radio Broadcasters, Cable Networks and Distributors, Advertisers, Advertising Agencies, Print Companies and Internet Companies – generally the “blue chip” companies in our business and their lead research people.




Members have one seat on the MRC Board of Directors for key industry decisions and votes.


·    Each member appoints one MRC Board representative for key voting issues.




Members have the opportunity to be on the vanguard of emerging measurement issues.


·    Measurement services routinely interact with the MRC to review methodological changes and tests prior to implementation, providing MRC members with detailed advanced notice of changes planned at rating services.




Members can attend formal education seminars.


·    The MRC conducts periodic seminars that focus on various aspects of the data collection and reporting process.


·    Subject matter is presented in a unique fashion that allows for discussion of actual rating service methodologies.


·    Seminars are provided free of charge to MRC member companies.