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Multi-Channel Digital Video Data Capture, Accumulation and Processing Guidelines

MRC worked with a very large group of media industry stakeholders, including NCC Media, Multi-Channel Video Programming Distributors, data processing and measurement services as well as advertisers, agencies, and general media organizations to develop guidelines intended to foster greater consistency in collecting, accumulating and processing multi-channel digital video tuning data, otherwise often referred to as Set-Top-Box (STB) or Return-Path data.  The guidelines, which are now published and available below, are presently in draft form and have not yet been finalized.  A formal review period will be established to provide opportunity for the Industry at large, and the public, to submit comments prior to finalization.  The final review period is expected to begin shortly and will be formally announced.

The MRC intends to apply these guidelines, in so far as possible, during our audits of services that rely on STB data as part of their measurement process.  We recognize the current draft status of the document however we believe the guidelines are near enough to complete to allow their use in the MRC accreditation process.  Once the guidelines are finalized MRC will adopt the latest version and establish a formal revision process to ensure the guidelines remain relevant to the changing media environment.

       Click on the image below to access the Multi-Channel Digital Video Data Capture, Accumulation and Processing Guidelines.