Member Education

The MRC periodically conducts education seminars that are made available to its membership at no cost.

Each Seminar is designed to focus on one aspect of survey methodology which enables an in-depth review of the subject matter.

Seminars are structured to include a general overview of the topic beginning with a summary of relevant terms and definitions, identification of best practices coupled with instances where these are employed by services, and a discussion of situations that warrant special attention.

Importantly, because these seminars are restricted to individuals employed by MRC member companies that are bound by confidentiality agreements, MRC is able to relate theory and best practices directly to the methodologies employed by rating services MRC audits.

Seminars are scheduled periodically. The topics include:

MRC Orientation

Sample Design

Response Rates

Data Collection

Internet Measurement

Ratings Math & Standard Error

Measurement Methods

Audit Testing & Validation

Digital Measurement & Compliance

Blockchain Technology

Machine Learning

Data Quality, Strategy & Evaluation