• Digital Ad Ratings (DAR): Viewable Impression-based Display and Video Ad GRPs

Walmart Third-party Oracle Moat Integration

  • Third Party Data Feed for Display Rendered Ad Impressions plus Viewability  (Desktop, Mobile Web, & and the Walmart Mobile Application)
  • Sophisticated Invalid Traffic Detection and Filtration (As Applied to the Above Metrics)

Walmart Sponsored Products

  • Display and Search Clicks and Click-Through Rate (CTR) in Desktop, Mobile Web, and Mobile In-App

Zefr, Inc.

  • Brand Safety and Suitability Processes to Independently Classify:
    • Google YouTube (Desktop, Mobile Web, Mobile App and CTV)
    • Meta - Facebook and Instagram feed (Desktop, Mobile Web and Mobile App)
    • TikTok (Desktop, Mobile Web and Mobile App)